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Dumfries Animal Hospital Since 1986 Keeping Pets Healthy One at a Time

What our clients say

I have brought my pets to Dumfries Animal Hospital for over 20 years. I travel quite a distance because of the great care and availability of outstanding veterinary care 7 days a week that I believe is unparalleled in this area. In short, when I walk into Dumfries Animal Hospital with my pets, whether it be for a routine well-dog visit or an emergency, I feel we are in a “safe haven” where my beloved animals will be gently cared for, correctly diagnosed and successfully treated.

Mrs. Hill

Thank you for taking GREAT care of my babies, each and every time!

Mrs. Streets

Dr. Yokota and the entire staff at Dumfries Animal Hospital have been a life saver (literally) for Hailey. We bring her in every two weeks for acupuncture. When she gets there, she barks as if to tell us, “It’s okay, you can go know, I am with my other family.”

Mr. and Mrs. Poindexter

Anyone who has birds knows how very important it is to have a knowledgeable, caring and capable veterinarian close by. Dr. Drake is amazing! I also must point out that the ladies at the front desk are top notch as well. ALWAYS friendly and ready to help in any way!

Ms. Smedle

We have always been extremely pleased with Dr. Gershman and the staff at the hospital. Our dogs have had their share of medical problems and Dr. Gershman and staff have been concerned, caring and responsive to their needs and wellness. Thank you! –

Mr. and Mrs. Cole

Our pets have been patients for over 12 years. We are very grateful for the sincere understanding and thoughtful consideration recently when the very difficult decision was made concerning our golden retriever, Stryker

Mr. Smith

Dumfries Animal Hospital has cared for my dogs for 30 years. I always feel welcome, and I know they will do what is in the best interest of my dogs.

Mrs. Murphy

I travel from Manassas to Dumfries Animal Hospital,  for over 10 years because of the quality of care my dogs receive. I could go to a closer vet, but DAH knows my dogs and I truly believe they care about them.

Mrs. Kenny

Our Services


          Acupuncture is a respected method of healing that was developed in China thousands of years ago, and is still in widespread use today. The technique involves the simulation of particular body regions in an effort to maintain natural balance and well being. Modern research has shown that stimulating specific nerves, mast cell and small lymph and […]

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          At Dumfries Animal Hospital We are passionate about grooming your pets at a great value. Our professional Groomers are dedicated to providing hands-on care that will leave your pet feeling happy and looking great Call and make your appointment today!  

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          Exotic Care Birds Our avian services include preventative health care, medical treatment, and laboratory testing for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, and other avian pets. -Complete physical examination -Nutrition counseling -Treatment for egg binding, regurgitation, fractures, and other medical problems. -Laboratory testing including x-rays, DNA sexing, parasite evaluation, blood work, and viral […]

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